Updates on SHP! October


Hey people!  So, I had this idea to do monthly updates so you’ll know what’s going on over here.  I think it’s good to kinda look behind the scenes to see what I’m working on and also you’ll can get to know me a little bit better and hopefully I get to know you too.  It also gives me a chance to answer any questions you guys might have and get input on things you would like to see on the blog so feel free to leave me a comment or send me an email.

These are 5 things I’m doing in October!

  1. I’m working on the blog design!  Yes, I know that’s like every week but for real I actually hired a real life web designer to get this design together for me because I’ve annoyed myself trying to learn web design in a month.
  2. I’m failing at eating healthy.  I’ve been extra lazy lately and this cooking every day is making me eat all the time because I don’t have anything portioned out!
  3. I’m donating to causes I care about.  Again this is an every month thing with me but I really love hospitals and charities that help children and for the last few years I’ve been donating to St. Jude.  This month I plan on upping my contribution.
  4. I’m working on my photography skills!  (let me know if you have any tips)
  5. I’m pinning everything!  Come pin with me!

Now let me know what you’re getting into this month!

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