Updates on SHP! November


These months are flying by and I really need to start my Christmas shopping soon. It’s hard to believe that we are nearing the end of the year already and I haven’t managed to get as organized as I would like to be but as always, I’m working on it! My laptop just crashed the other day, so let me hurry up and type this post up before my husband realizes I’m on his computer!

These are 5 things I’m doing in November!

  1. I’m finalizing my blog elements! I’ve approved a logo and the elements of my new branding so I feel like I’m pretty much winning right now. I really think you guys will love this new design and I want to give a sneak preview, but I’m trying to keep it a surprise! It’s so hard to keep it to myself though!
  2. I’m meal prepping again. Last month I was so off on my meal prep game but this month I have finally gotten back into it. I’ve also upped my water intake, so hopefully my skin will clear up soon. I’m thinking of starting a meal prepping board for us busy moms on Pinterest. Let me know if you guys are into that and would like to join. Comment her or feel free to email me if you are! Also, if you’ve already created a board, and you are looking for Pinners, invite me!
  3. I’m being more inviting to new people and getting outside of my comfort zone. This month, I am going to make the effort to involve myself more in community activities and I already volunteered and attended my son’s field trip. Since I can get anxiety when it comes to things like that, I compromised and instead of riding the bus with the class, I drove and met them there. I was able to spend the day with the class and I even had conversations with some parents that I’d never talked to before without getting major anxiety first. Small victory for the introvert!
  4. I’m working out! Okay well, I worked out two days so far but I’m determined to work out for the rest of this month. I always see a major lift in my mood when I do this so I’m determined to keep it up, especially with this gloomy depressing weather putting me in a bad mood.
  5. I’m tweeting! Feel free to chat with me!

Now let me know what you’re getting into this month!

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