Updates on SHP – February 2016

Goal Setting and Accountability

Did you accomplish your goals last month?  How do you keep yourself accountable?

I was able to keep 2 out of my 3 shared goals.

Leaving my hair alone was tough because I was getting that itch to just chop it off again so, in order to circumvent that, I went and got a trim and style but didn’t chop.  I did manage to keep my goal to exercise thanks to my Fitbit challenges and I even took over 100k steps one week!  Go me!  I also managed to try out a few new foundations that I will be reviewing soon (but Nars Sheer Glow is still my favorite though).   For me, two out of three goals achieved isn’t bad but I hope to do better this month.  Now let me update you’ll on this months goals and hopefully, you will share your goals with me too!



Emails and Giveaways!

Email Subscriptions are coming!  I’m working on getting my subscription link up and running and I’m working on a few freebies to giveaway!  I’m excited to see what comes of this update and I love creating and executing new ways to connect with you.




Lord this one right here is tough because I’m the type to always be in my own mind and shut down vocally but I’ve learned that I need to speak up about things more, especially when it comes to marriage and kids.  This week my husband and I sat down and came up with some family and marriage goals that we feel will improve our everyday life and so far it’s been amazing.  Lists are good! Realistic lists are better.



Lipstick.  Lipstick.  Lipstick!

I’m back into wearing all different colors and experimenting with different combinations.  I’m working on a few posts about lipstick options for us brown girls so keep checking back for those.  But just for sharing sake, have you’ll tried Revlon’s Mink? If you haven’t you need to.  It’s an old favorite of mine and a brown girl friendly nude.

So those are some of my overall goals.  Now what I like to do with these goals is take them and then make a list of ways in which I can move towards achieving them.


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