Updates on SHP! December 2015


I can admit it, I’m a little bit stressed.  It’s December which means crazy time in my house.  We have two December birthdays and Christmas to get through enjoy and I did not prepare!  Also, I would like to have the newly branded SHP site launched by the new year so I’m working, working, working on that.

On a high note, I have a lot of new content planned and I’m working on a really great giveaway so I hope you are following SHP on Bloglovin so you don’t miss it!  But until then, here are 5 things that I am working on in December.

Myleik Teele This is My Year Journal


  1. Birthdays!  We don’t typically do large birthday parties because we like to just enjoy our kids and have family time.  We like to bake cupcakes and give the kids “I Love You” and “Happy Birthday” cards along with a few gifts.  Not too much stress.
  2. Journaling.  I’m back to writing things down and getting things done.  I just recently picked up the Myleik Teele Journal and in the first 11 pages she lays out some planning and goal setting tools that I think will be really helpful in planning out my new year and practicing effective goal setting.  You can check out her journal here, and her awesome podcast here.
  3. French!  Français!  My son and I are learning french together.  He recently found out my grandmother is part French and he asked me if we could learn the language together.  I hoped on over to Duolingo and we have started practicing. One day I hope we will be able to speak it fluently like my Great-Grandmother used to.
  4. Decluttering! I’m a hoarder yall.  I hoard makeup and my kids old clothes.  I still have 90% of both of the kids baby clothing currently sitting in my garage.  Every time I give away a box of their things, I cry.  But I’m over it now and those clothes need to be donated to people who need them and can use them.  This stuff has to go and I have to cope with the fact that my babies aren’t babies anymore. (insert sad face)
  5. Editorial Calendar!  This will be the first year that I will write out a full editorial calendar for the upcoming year.  I have been reading a lot and researching even more and I have many ideas for future posts and articles so why not plan it out and get it done!


Now let me know what you’re getting into this month.  Leave me a comment, tweet me, or send me an email.  I love hearing from all of you and I hope you all are having a wonderful December!


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