These Glamcor Adhesive Hand Palettes are the Key

Not sure if you’ll know this, but sometimes I come from out of my introverted shell and actually apply makeup to other people.  Yes, I am a freelance makeup artist but because of my schedule with the children, I don’t take as many clients as I did while I was in Germany but that is a story best reserved for another day.  Today I wanted to introduce you to one of my most used, most beloved freelance products/tools.  These are absolutely a kit essential.


Glamcor Single Use Adhesive Hand Palette Review


If you are anything like me, then you probably like to warm up all of your face products by letting them sit on the skin.  I prefer using the back of my hands because it saves time, warms up the product and I can mix and match shades while warming up the product which helps with blending.  The problem with using the back of my hand is that I occasionally have eczema on  my hands and I apply a topical steroid (T.M.I.) to it, therefore, it would not be sanitary for me to then apply makeup over that.  I also wash my hands a lot but if I wash and wipe off the back of my hand 100 times, it would aggravate and possibly tear my sensitive skin which again, would be unsanitary.  Because of this, I would normally purchase metal hand palettes but the product doesn’t warm up when applied to them so I still would have to mix and then apply to the clients skin and wait until it would warm up.  That is a waste of precious beat face time so these bad boys come to the rescue.


Single Use Adhesive Hand Palette for Cosmetics

Price:  $14.00 USD for 50 Single Use Pieces

Available at Alcone Company

Final Thoughts:  These are so easy to use, you peel off the back, press the adhesive down onto the back of your hand, then peel off the film to reveal the sterile surface.  They make clean up a dream and you get the same warming effect that you would get if you applied the products directly to the skin.  LOVE.  I’ve listed the additional product features below for reference:


  • 100% Sterilized medical grade and quality
  • Lightly textured finish
  • Transparent
  • Transfers Body Heat
  • Disposable
  • Hygienic
  • Prevents transmission of bacteria, viruses, sloughed skin, sweat, oil and hair to makeup
  • Reduces Clean Up Time

Glamcor Single Use Adhesive Hand Palette One Use


I know that products like these are sometimes overlooked but they are so necessary because we spend so much time and money on products and supplies, so we need to keep all of our tools and products as clean as possible and use great, little items like these to ensure that we remain hygienic when working with clients.

Let me know what you think about these hand palettes.  Do you find them a necessity for personal or professional use?


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