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LSTN Wembley Real Wood Earbuds with microphone and volume control Box of Style


I have a confession to make, I absolutely love music. It really is a mood adjuster for me and I’m convinced that everything is better when there is music involved. Last season I received my Winter Box of Style from The Zoe Report and of course, I was anxiously awaiting the Spring box. Well, that box arrived, and while I was really excited about a lot of the other products, this one product stood out to me because of my love of music and my need for a nice set of headphones. These LSTN Sound Co earbuds are so nice I just had to tell you about them. Like how do you make earbuds sexy, functional and charitable? I’m not sure, but they managed to pull it off and the sound quality is so nice.


LSTN Wembley Real Wood Earbuds with a microphone and volume controls


LSTN Sound Company

Wembley Real Wood Earbuds w/ Microphone and Volume Control

Price: $100 (I received it in my Box of Style which retails for $100 and included 6 additional items)

Available at LSTN Sound Co

(Use code EASTER20 FOR 20% OFF ORDERS >$99)

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I’m pretty down for anything that gives back to worthy causes so off top, I’m all in with these earbuds.  Every purchase of one of these products helps someone hear for the first time through their partnership with Starkey Hearing Foundation.  Now apart from that, these are some cute headphones with great sound quality and the earbud pieces are made from real wood which looks stylish and classic.  This pair also comes with gold toned details, volume control and a microphone.  I was also impressed that they came with 2 sets of extra ear cushions and a travel bag to store your buds in.  Oh, and did I mention these are Bamboo.  So dope.  Because of these features and what the company stands for, I say this is a must have for me.  These also make a great gift idea and I plan on getting a pair for my husband.

SPECs for the NERDs I love:


Real Wood Acoustics

Frequency Response of 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz

In-line volume control and microphone

No-Rub Cables


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