Slurpee Flavored ChapStick

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Chapstick and Slurpee Blue Raspberry and Grape Flavor


There is something about drinking a Slurpee that reminds me of riding around in my Dad’s pickup truck in the summertime.  7-Eleven was always the stop that we made before embarking on one of his excursions to the electronic or hardware store.  He was the dude with the big Slurpee cup that I would fill with my favorite Slurpee flavors and I was the sidekick slurping on a Slurpee.  Now that I’m all grown up I still love my Slurpee’s and some of the new flavors are amazing (especially that Sour Patch one) but those old school flavors always remind me of my childhood!


Chapstick and Slurpee collaboration 2016


It’s now Slurpee’s 50th anniversary and Chapstick has teamed up with them to do a couple Limited Edition Slurpee inspired Chapsticks and they sent me both flavors to try.  The two flavors that have launched are Blue Raspberry and Grape and they smell like those iconic Slurpee flavors!  I’m pretty sure I’ll either need to buy my children their own or mine will surely come up missing because of the scent.


Chapstick and Slurpee - Blue Raspberry and Grape Flavor

Super Cute, Right!



Limited Edition Slurpee Flavors

Blue Raspberry  & Grape 

Price:  $1.99

Available at 7-Eleven for a limited time only!  Go snag you a Slurpee and grab a couple Chapsticks while you’re in checkout!

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