Sleek Makeup Barekissed Illuminator – Casablanca


*Disclosure: This post contains products sent to me for review.

There is always room for another illuminator in my house and liquid illuminators are especially good because you can easily add them to your makeup routine.  Sleek Makeup recently launched a line of illuminators and I received the shade Casablanca which is a bubble gum pink with silver sheen/sparkle.


Sleek Makeup Illuminator worn on Dark Skin  

This product comes in four shades and the Pompeii and Cuba shades would be better suited to my skin tone.  However, this shade can be layered over a warmer illuminator to lesson the silvery effect but that would be an extra step.

Sleek Makeup Barekissed Illuminator in Casablanca worn on Dark Skin

I wore the Illuminator high up on my cheekbone area and you can see the silver shimmer.  I also mixed the Illuminator in with my foundation.


Sleek MakeUP

Barekissed Illuminator

Shade Featured: Casablanca

Price: $13.49 each

Available at SLEEK

Final Thoughts: I like that the product packaging comes with a pump which makes it easy to dispense the product.  The Illuminator sits on the skin really nicely and only leaves a hint of sheen.  The sheen is more noticeable in photos than it is in person though so be careful not to go overboard.

I also mixed this in with my foundation and it added a hint of glow to my skin which I love.  When I placed it on top of my cheekbones, it stayed where I put it and layered nicely over foundation.  I did have to spend a little time blending out the illuminator though because, as I stated previously, it stayed where I put it.  Overall I like the product but the shade just isn’t my favorite.


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