Sleek MakeUP Lip VIPs Review with Swatches

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Sleek Makeup Lip VIPs 6 shades

Matte lipsticks dominated the fall/winter season but with the spring/summer season upon us, it might be time to switch it up a bit.  Adding a little sheen and some moisture to the matte lipstick trend Sleek makeup recently introduced their Lip VIPs which they say are creamy, long-lasting and semi-matte.  These lipsticks come in 6 bright happy shades that really make me anxious for romper weather!

  Sleek Makeup Lip VIPs in 6 shades swatched on Dark Skin

The packaging is nice and simple and I adore the clear bottoms that show a preview of the lipstick color.  It is such a cute little touch and makes it really easy to find the shade you are looking for without having to take off the cap.  I do wish the names were printed on the actual packaging though because when the name is only printed on the attached sticker, it makes it incredibly easy to mix up the shade names if the sticker was to come off or if you were to mix up the caps.

Example Sleek Makeup Lip VIPs Reserved Packaging


Lip VIP Semi-Matte Lipsticks

Price: $8.49

Shades Available:

Private Booth (light beige with a little pink)

Reserved (bubblegum cool pink)

Backstage (pinky coral)

Flaunt-it (true orange)

Guestlist (Coral)

Nightspot (Strawberry Red)

Available at SLEEK

Final Thoughts: Well my initial thought was “Um, a nice concept I guess” when I tried some of the lighter shades. Those were so hard to work with.  They never really set on the lips and just kind of slipped around making it nearly impossible to wear without a lip liner.  They also weren’t very attractive on my complexion so without some manipulation with other shades, I wouldn’t wear any of the lighter shades alone.  The lighter shades that I am referring to include Private Booth, Reserved and Backstage which are swatched in the top row from left to right. The lighter shades also weren’t very long wearing and looked quite bad on the lips after initial application and only got worse as the hours ticked by. Private Booth and Reserved were the worse offenders.

Sleek Makeup Lip VIP swatches on Dark SkinTOP ROW: Private Booth, Reserved, Backstage

BOTTOM ROW: Flaunt-it, Guestlist, Nightspot

Now on to some good news. The bottom row is really nice.  They set to a satin finish (no they aren’t semi-matte but they are really nice).  The wear time is a lot longer and the Red shade actually left behind an amazing stain even after I wiped off the lipstick.  The bottom row is also a lot more brown-girl friendly with Nightspot being one of my favorites.  These shades are definitely springtime ready and the colors are gorgeous.  The formula is a little less than average though and they transfer like crazy.  Nightspot is the lone star of the bunch and it is the only shade I would feel comfortable recommending and the only shade that I would consider purchasing.

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