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Bathroom Storage Ideas featuring TargetWhat do you do when you have too much skincare?  Do you stop buying or do you just find new ways to store it?

If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve probably noticed that I have a slight obsession with skincare and I cannot seem to stop buying it.  Girl, if it says brighten, resurface or alludes to helping with hyperpigmentation, then I’m all in.  But now, I have all of this skincare and I have to find new, cute ways to store it.  Trips to Target always have the solution to my problems!

 If you are coming up with a skincare routine, it is really helpful to have all of your items where you can see them because it acts as a reminder to actually do your routine.  It also helps you remember what items you have.  All of my current storage comes from Target and it has really helped me when I am trying to do my skincare routines because it’s all in one place, easy to grab and I can see what I have. Also, as my regimen has grown, I can separate my daytime and nighttime products.

Bathroom Storage Ideas featuring Drunk Elephant Skincare Juju and Pekke Bars

I like to keep my Drunk Elephant facial cleansers on easy to clean soap dishes.  These cute, little marble soap dishes can be found in the bathroom section at Target and they are simple, cute and very easy to keep clean.  If you can’t find them in-store, they are also available online here.  These dishes retail for $9.99 each.

If you don’t use solid facial cleansers, these soap dishes can also act as a cute display option for your masks.

Bathroom and Skincare Storage Ideas -Target

Serving bowls are another nice simple way to store skincare (and also random makeup items).  I alternate between these two serving dishes.  The one on the left is the Threshold brand and is currently not sold online, but I was able to hunt it down in my local Target in the kitchenware section.  The serving dish on the right can be found online here and retails for $32.99.

These are some of my favorite purchases from Target and I hope you get some storage ideas after reading this.

We like to shop around here but we also like to save those coins when we can, so I added some sale information below!

*Target currently has a 10% discount on home items with the code MARCH.  If use your Target Credit or Debit card there is an additional 5% off.  Also, if you want to save even more money, Ebates also has a 2% cashback option when you shop online!  To sign up for Ebates, here is my link EBATES – SABRINA.

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