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Let’s be honest here shall we, I’m not your naturalista kinda chick when it comes to body and skincare and food…etc. But I’m trying to manage my eczema, and I’m also trying to get ready for the summer. In addition to my planks, I figured I should try out some new body (and face) products as well. Enter Raw Apothecary. I peeped them on Amazon the other week, and they were super affordable and seemed to be quite legit, so I bought in.


Items Purchased: Unrefined All-Natural Ivory Shea Butter 1LB, Dead Sea Mud Mask 12OZ, Raw African Black Soap 1LB

Price: $12.95 – $17.95 (there is an additional discount if you log into Raw Apothecary’s website)

Available at Raw Apothecary and Amazon


From the Raw Apothecary website:

Our butter is naturally bursting with Vitamins A & E and essential fatty acids, making it ideal as an:

• All-over moisturizer for dry, cracked skin (great for feet, hands & scalp)
• Facial moisturizer to help restore elasticity & suppleness
• Anti-aging treatment that lessens the look of wrinkles and fine lines
• Anti-inflammatory for cuts, burns, rashes and temporary eczema symptoms
• Soothing balm for chapped lips, sunburn & insect bites
• Shaving lubricant to prevent razor burn

The first item that caught my eye was the Shea Butter. It’s unrefined, it’s high quality (as far as I know) and it has been amazing on my skin. I hate the smell of Shea Butter but I suck it up and slather this on nightly, and my skin is still moisturized in the morning. This product alone was enough to get me to fall in love with this company. Anything that helps soothe my dry, itchy skin is a winner.


From the Raw Apothecary website:

This Dead Sea Mud Mask will go to battle for your skin, combating it against:

• Acne, blackheads and breakouts
• Cellulite, dimples, and uneven skin
• Fine lines and wrinkles, bringing back the youthful appearance you once had
• Oily, uneven skin

The jury is still out on this one. I tried it, it went on smoothly, it’s thinner than other mud masks that I have tried, and it dried down in about 15 minutes, and it reduced a little pimple that I had on the side of my nose. It did not leave my skin with that stripped feeling which was a positive. However, I haven’t fallen in love with this one, and I haven’t seen a huge improvement in my skin. I will give this one a month or two more to see if there is an improvement and I will update you all soon!

From the Raw Apothecary website:

The ingredients each stand apart on their own, but together they work magically for your skin. They include:
• All-Natural Shea Butter- Rich in Vitamins A & E, it has been proven to repair skin damage
• Palm Oil- High in Antioxidants and great for improving acne, eczema and burns
• Coconut Oil- Locks in moisture to the skin, helping to reduce wrinkles
• Cocoa Pod- Great Anti-Inflammatory properties that go to battle for your skin against free radicals
• Plantain Skin Ash- Great exfoliating properties

I know I’m not supposed to love black soap because I have dry skin, but I do love it. I’ve worked hard on balancing my skin, and I’ve also developed a habit of using very hydrating products following my use of Black Soap and my face loves it. I have had no adverse reactions and it is helping with my discoloration issues. I use the soap typically at night about 3 times a week as my second cleanse after removing my makeup and then I follow up with the rest of my skincare. I definitely recommend that you try it out but if your face is sensitive, just stick with using it on your body and enjoy it that way!

Let me know if you guys have any questions!

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