Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil – Dragon Girl

I was a total Nars girl a year or so ago but I’ve strayed just a bit and became a full blown MAC addict.  However, I’m making my way back to Nars and I of course had to grab a lippie.  Funny thing is that I went into the store a few weeks ago looking for this color and they were out of stock but when I went back, a couple of days ago, the saleslady recognized me and let me know it was back in stock (yeah for customer service)!

Shade Purchased:  Dragon Girl
Price: $25 USD
Available at Nordstrom *affiliate link

I like this shade but it’s not a wow for me.  I have so many more powerful reds in my collection and I don’t think this one is as flattering to my complexion as some of my other shades.  Also, it only wore for about 2 hours which wasn’t very long for a matte lip.  The application was super convenient and easy though so I’ll definitely think about trying more shades in the future.

(Update 1.10.2016) I absolutely love and recommend this shade.  I layer it all the time and use it alone as well.  Get it!  It’s a staple product.

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