Marc Jacobs Dew Drops


There are things you buy, things you covet and things that sit on your wish list forever until they go out of style or stock. This Marc Jacobs highlighter didn’t fit into any of those categories when I first heard of this launch. To be honest Marc Jacobs Beauty launches in general typically don’t get a glance from me but Influenster has shipped me several of their products for free and I’ve liked them for the most part. But, I was extra geeked when the latest shipment was a highlighter. I’m super shallow when it comes to beautiful packaging, and this highlighter definitely has that going for it. The frosted glass (or glass-like) bottle makes it feel expensive, and it’s so pretty to look at.


Now when it comes to highlighters there is a thin line between glow and glitter. I prefer to glow. This one will have you glowing if you know what you’re doing but if you are a makeup novice, you may find yourself looking like a Twilight vampire in the daylight. This is not a product that I would mix with my foundation and blend all over my face but I will tell you how I made it work for me.

The best way to use this product is as a body highlighter. It looks great mixed in with your lotion or body oil. You can also make that collarbone pop with a little shimmer. When using it on the face, I would recommend sticking to the cheekbones and dabbing it lightly on top of your foundation and then blending slightly with your ring finger tip or the tip of a beauty blender. This will prevent the product from moving around and prevent you from having little specks of glitter/glimmer where you don’t want them.

Marc Jacobs Beauty

Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter

Shade Featured: 50 Dew You?

Price: $44 (I received this complimentary from Influenster and Marc Jacobs Beauty)

Final Thoughts:

Now yall should know by now that I’m not going to recommend that you go out and buy a $44 highlighter just because the packaging is cute. That’s between you and your wallet to make that decision. What I will say is I wouldn’t buy it again and I don’t reach for it often. I tested it on and off for about a month and after that month, I didn’t reach for it again and it honestly got lost in the makeup madness that is my collection. The dispenser dispenses entirely too much product and you have to be a little too precise with the makeup application to achieve the ultimate glow. Now I don’t like to rag on a product because it’s actually really pretty and like I said the packaging is gorgeous so if you don’t mind the expense and you love highlighter, take the splurge and see if it works better for your needs. But for those of you who like a simpler approach, I will pop a few of my favorite highlighters at the end of this post!




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