Luminess Air AirSupremacy Starter Kit in Deep with Before and After Pictures


*Disclosure: This post contains products sent to me for review.

Go ahead and get excited because we are checking in with Luminess Air again.  The team over there are prepping up to launch a brand new product on QVC next week and they were kind enough to send a kit for me to try.  I tried the new product a few different ways and I’m here to give my little review/reality check.

Luminess Air AirSupremacy Airbrush Makeup Before and After on Dark Skin QVC 6 Piece Kit Launch

The first photo is a completely clean face with no product

Second photo I’m wearing Luminess Air AirSupremacy in Shade 10

Third photo I’m wearing Luminess Air AirSupremacy in Shade 10 & 12

Luminess Air®


Shades Received:  Deep Kit which included 2 foundation mists in the shades 10 & 12, Air Primer, Rose Blush, Pro Air Blender and a Makeup Sealant.  I also received a fluffy brush, but that product isn’t on the packaging sleeve.  Also, the packaging has different shade numbers on it than what I received, so if you purchase the kit make sure you are getting the correct shade.

Price Listed:  $49.95

Available at  QVC

Quick Synopsis:  I like it a lot and I would probably love it if matched my skin tone better.  The coverage is medium.  The foundation looks like skin, especially in person.  It’s also really quick and easy to apply.  I didn’t need to set my foundation at all and it lasted about 6 hours before I started noticing my little marks showing through.  This is not an all-inclusive kit though and I needed to add my personal products to make it work for me.

I used shade 12 in my final picture because 10 looked good in person but photographed ashy.  Both shades needed to warm up on the skin for a bit because initially they both had that ashiness to them but shade 12 was a lot better after about 15-20 minutes.  The primer did nothing for me.  The Makeup Sealant was okay, but I didn’t see a huge difference in the longevity of the makeup from it.  My blush pump broke so I wasn’t able to use it, however, the team at Luminess Air have offered to overnight me a new blush.   The sponge was a bit rough on the skin and I preferred using the fluffy brush to blend out the foundation.

I used it 4 days and tried it in 4 different ways to see what results I would get.  The first day I followed the pamphlet exactly and wasn’t that impressed.  It wanted me to use clean bare skin and that didn’t work for me as my skin looked dry even after using the Air primer.  The rest of the days, I prepped my face as I normally would and the foundation looked a lot better and lasted longer.  I used my Kiehls moisturizer and MACs Radiance Primer.

Luminess AirSupremacy New QVC Launch

Final Thoughts:   I love that they have a Deep kit and it actually has a brown girl on the front that reflects the shade.  I checked on the current shade range and 12  is the deepest shade that is listed, which I made work for me, but if you’re of a deeper complexion you may be out of luck.  I’m hoping they come out with more shades soon because I really do like the foundation and the concept, but honestly there just aren’t enough options when it comes to shade range.

Luminess Air AirSupremacy Kit in Deep (contents)

As stated previously, the coverage was nice, it does look like skin once it settles.  You do not need to set this foundation with a powder (unless you have really oily skin, then you might want to try it) and it lasted over 6 hours on me before I started seeing little bits of my spots peaking through.  It also photographed nicely even with my raggedy iphone flash (shout out to no flashback foundations!)

When I first applied it, it looked a little crazy but when you blend it out with the fluffy brush and let it settle into the skin, it looks a lot better.  It did cover my hyperpigmentation nicely, but it took a lot of sprays to achieve my desired amount of coverage.  Also, I would never wear this foundation alone as it makes me look too flat, which is the case with most of my foundations.  I need more dimension in my face and even using both shades, I couldn’t achieve that.  Because of this I added my own concealer, bronzer, blush and highlight.

Luminess Air Supremacy Kit in Deep worn on Dark Skin

It’s really easy to use, but it’s hard to do precision work because the spray covers such a large area.  I tried doing my eye makeup first and I had foundation all over my brows and lashes so don’t do that!  Use foundation first, then get to the rest of the face and don’t forget to wear a headband on those edges because they will be covered in makeup.  Trust me, I know because I forgot to wear one!  Also, you get little drops of the foundation that drip, so I had to do my foundation over the sink in my bathroom for less mess cleanup.


Luminess AirSupremacy Deep Starter Kit New QVC Launch

Wooo!  That was a lot.  Let me know if you have any questions and let me know if you decide to check out the demo on QVC next week.


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