Luminess Air Airbush Makeup System – Worn 3 Days/3 Ways

Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup System for Dark Skin - 3 Day Trial

*Disclosure: This post contains products sent to me for review and an affiliate link.  All thoughts are my own! 

I’ve been wanting to try an Airbrush kit forever, however, the start up price has been a bit restrictive to me because I didn’t want to spend crazy amounts to try something that may or may not work for my every day needs.  Enter Luminess Air.  They recently sent me one of their kits to review and I was so excited to finally give it a try.  I’ve seen their ads before and even saw them on one of my favorite sites, Hautelook, recently.

Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup System Starter Kit Review on Dark Skin


I wanted to place an order but something prevented me from doing so.  While the packaging is gorgeous and it seemed relatively easy to use, the shade range is very limited and with me having a darker complexion, I didn’t think it would work.   However, after giving it a try, I was able to make it work for me and I’m here to show you how I used it.  I tried it for 3 days (well actually more now but I documented 3) and figured out how I like to use it best and did a breakdown for each day for you guys.

Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup System Starter Kit Dark Review with Shades 10 and 12



Before I get into the daily breakdown, here is a quick synopsis.

Luminess Air®

Luminess Legend System Black with No Mess Tip

Shades Received:  Shade 10 and 12 in the Ultra Finish with additional Moisturizer, Airbrush Glow and Blush in Plum 9

Price Paid:  $0

Price Listed on Site for Customers:  $249.00   $159.99 USD

Promo Code for 20% off:  943429519

Available at:  Luminess Air

Final Thoughts:  I like the system but I wish they had a better shade range for women of color.  I do love the weightless feel of the foundation when being airbrushed on and I really like that you don’t need to set the foundation with a powder.  The finish is skin like and very natural looking.  The airbrush technique does take a little getting used to and I really had to focus on holding the stylus correctly because I spilled foundation on my sweatshirt a couple times when I got carried away with my circular motions.

As stated previously, the foundation itself does not need to be set with a powder and had a gorgeous natural finish even after several hours of wear and a trip to my son’s school.  It looked really good (although a bit red) in person and photographed nicely with no flashback.  The blush was too light but I used it underneath my everyday powder blush and it looked lovely and seemed to increase the wear time for my blush.  The Airbrush Glow that came with the kit was also a bit light but I worked with it and you can see it in my day one picture used on top of my concealer highlight.

I have added the Luminess Air foundation into my rotation of foundations (yes I rotate foundations) and have used it more often than I initially thought I would (about once or twice a week).  This, however, does not take the place of my complete foundation routine and I needed other products that I already use in order to truly love the coverage.  I have skin issues that include hyper-pigmentation and acne scarring therefore, I still use my own moisturizer and concealer with it as well as a corrector and contour powder.

Quick Note: The foundation, blush, glow and moisturizer are all listed as hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and not tested on animals!

For more detailed product info, please visit the website here!

Day 1

Luminess Air Airbrush Kit on Dark Skin - Day 1

Luminess Air Products Shown: Foundation Shade 12, Airbrush Glow Shade G1, Airbrush Blush Shade Plum 9

Day 1:  Starting with a clean face, I used a few drops of the moisturizer in the kit and I began to airbrush it on.  After letting it sit on my face for a minute, I decided to go with a different moisturizer (my Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Lotion) because I did not like the consistency and feel of the moisturizer provided as it was a bit too thin.

I then cleaned my stylus and started with the foundation.  I tried Shade 10 but it was too light on my complexion and came off looking a bit ashy so I went for Shade 12.  It worked really well but it has a very red tone to it so I couldn’t get as much coverage as I like because I had to use very light layers in order to keep the foundation looking as natural as possible.  I used my everyday concealer and my contour powder along with the Luminess Airbrush foundation and I think they look pretty good together.  I love the weightless feel on my face and it really did feel like I had no foundation on.


Day 2

Luminess Air Airbrush Kit on Dark Skin - Day 2

Luminess Air Products Shown: Foundation Shades in 10 and 12

Day 2:  Starting with a clean face again, I used my own moisturizer and then my color corrector on my hyper-pigmentation and acne spots.  I then mixed in a few drops of the Luminess Air foundation shade 10 in with the shade 12 and began to airbrush my face.  After airbrushing, I  used my personal cream and powder products (not included in this kit) to highlight my face and contour.   As you can see the foundation looks a lot better and the match was spot on.  I loved that I didn’t have to dirty up brushes for my foundation and it really did not add any extra time to my routine.  Loved the coverage and the feel of the airbrush.  The color match was also a lot better.


Day 3

Luminess Air Airbrush Kit on Dark Skin - Day 3

Luminess Air Products Shown: Foundation Shades in 10 and 12

Day 3:  Starting with a clean face again, I used my own moisturizer and then I did the thing that you should absolutely not do, I used a mattifying primer underneath my color corrector.  I then mixed in a few drops of the Luminess Air foundation shade 10 in with the shade 12 and began to airbrush my face.  People! do not use a mattifying primer, I repeat, do not use a primer.  You really don’t need it with this foundation and all it did was make my foundation patchy.

For this look I again used my personal cream and powder products to highlight my face and contour.   But I took it a step further and used a powder to set the Luminess Air foundation (which doesn’t need to be set) and I really shouldn’t have done that because my foundation ended up looking ashy and less natural.

So that is my breakdown after trying this product out 3 different ways!  I know that was a lot but I really wanted to give my honest feedback and use the product how I would use it in my every day life.

My favorite look was definitely day 2.  How do you think the foundation looks and will you be giving Luminess Air a try?  Have you tried airbrush products before?  Let me know!


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