Laura Mercier’s Translucent Setting Powder

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Laura Mercier Translucent Powder Review on Dark Skin

Remember when I told you’ll to that “you need to blend, blend, blend and then you set that“.  Well, here you go, set that foundation and concealer with this loose powder by Laura Mercier and then feel free to go ahead and live life.  And guess what, when someone pulls that iPhone out and sets it to flash trying to be funny, you don’t have to worry because your face will look flawless, not ashy.  Now you’ll with all of that being said, powder abuse is real and how you use a product will have an effect on how it looks on the skin.  I personally like to set my face with a large powder brush and then lightly set my under eye area with a small powder puff  or a small domed shaped eyeshadow brush.  Also, when using a powder like this do not use a concealer shade 4-5 shades lighter than your skin and expect to set it with this then expect it to look natural because it won’t and the same thing goes for banana powder, but I’m not here for that today.  On with the review.


Loose Setting Powder

Shade Purchased:  Translucent

Price:  $38 USD each

Available at Nordstrom

Final Thoughts:  I love this powder because it does what it says it’s gonna do.  It controls oil and sets my makeup without looking cakey or ashy.  It doesn’t change the color of my foundation or concealer and I get longer wear out of my cream and liquid products.  Now, I personally don’t harp on or pay much attention to ingredients when it comes to topical products like this one, but if you do, keep in mind that this product contains Talc, Parabens and Fragrance.  I was surprised that a higher end product like this would use parabens when it has been a controversial ingredient for years and I hope they phase it out soon because I know a lot of people that avoid parabens and would be severely turned off by this product because of that.  I’m not one of them, but I completely understand the better safe than sorry attitude.

Let me know what your favorite setting powder is and if you’ve tried this one before.

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