It’s a Thin Line Between Love and Hate – Natural Hair Update


How do you choose your hairstyles?  Is it maintenance based, style based or both?  How do you keep from getting bored?


Natural Hair Styles for Growing out a TWA on Multi Texture hair

I usually choose styles based on maintenance because I don’t have the time to fuss around with my hair every day.   I love, love, love my natural curls but I hate, hate, hate styling them.  I’m a wash and go type of woman but that style was beginning to get on my last nerve and had me itching to straighten these curls just to see some length (shrinkage sucks sometimes).   However, instead of straightening my hair, I decided to book an appointment with one of my favorite stylists and she created these dope curls and I can see a little more length action while still having curl definition.


Natural Hair Styles - TWA length


In the salon, I had a wash and conditioning session, a quick trim and then I  was styled.  She used end wraps and different sized perm rods all over my hair, then I sat under a dryer for about 30 minutes.  After my hair was dry, she took out the perm rods and separated the curls while I sat there in awe looking at the shine and curl.  This is a great style for my multi-textured hair and it would work well for those transitioning from relaxed to natural too.



Natural Hair Styles when Growing out a TWA 2

I’ve decided that this is my go-to salon style but now I need to figure out how to pay for it every month!  I will definitely figure that part out though because this latest trip to the salon was a great self-care activity for me and I actually went child-free for a few hours, enjoyed some time relaxing and chit-chatting a bit.

Let me know your thoughts on natural hair and if you have any go-to styles that keep you from getting bored.


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