Is Charming Charlie a Grown Up F21? Let’s Discuss!




Have I mentioned how much I hate being on a fashion/beauty budget?  I just want to buy all of the things.  ALL OF THEM! But unfortunately, I cannot so when it comes to my everyday jewelry and accessories I love a good discount item or two especially when it doesn’t look flimsy and/or cheap! Typically I go to places like Forever21 or H&M but lately the prices seem to be increasing but the quality and selection haven’t been impressing me as much.




The other day I had time to spare after having a late lunch with one of my close friends and we decided to go for a little walk. I soon discovered a new yoga studio, that I cannot wait to join, and a shop called Charming Charlie that I’ve seen many times but never ventured into.  I’m glad I went in that day because not only were the salespeople incredible, the prices were too!



Since the sale was focused on jewelry and accessories, that is what I spent my money on but I can’t wait to go back in because their clothing was really nice and work appropriate while also being incredibly affordable.  They made a great first impression on me and since I’m super grown it might be time to expand my affordable shopping options beyond Forever21 and H&M!



Hoops!  I had to do it, I do love my hoop earrings!



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