Improve Your Skin Texture with the Boscia Multi-Masking Medley

Boscia Multi-Masking Medley


I’m sitting here trying to remember the last time I tried a peel off mask and for the life of me I cannot recall ever using one.  Am I a peel-off newbie or am I just getting old?  Well, either way, I’m glad I saw this little Boscia set while in the Sephora checkout line and decided to snatch them up.  This kit comes with 4 peel-off masks, including two of the Luminizing Masks, a Bright White Mask, and a Green Tea Oil-Control Mask and each one works very well!


Boscia Multi-Masking Medley Bright Luminizing Green Tea

Product Description as seen on the SEPHORA website

A collection of four innovative, single-use, peel-off masks that work to mattify, purify, and brighten skin for your most flawless complexion yet. The mattifying Green Tea Oil-Control Mask immediately provides oil-control, helps minimize sebum production, and soothes redness. The purifying Luminizing Black Mask removes dirt and impurities, minimizes the appearance of pores, absorbs excess oil, and reveals a healthy-looking, glowing complexion. And the brightening Bright White Mask helps to visibly even skintone and diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation. The peel-off formula reveals cleaner and more radiant skin.



Multi-Masking™ Medley

Price:  $18

Available at Sephora (affiliate link)

Final Thoughts:  The price of this kit is amazing and I love that they come individually wrapped for convenience.  I found that all of the masks do what they say they are going to do.  The Green Tea controls oil and soothes, the Black Mask had me glowing and the Bright Mask had my skin looking more even in tone and feeling smooth.

My favorite two masks are the Luminizing and the Bright White because of my very specific skin issues but all three are nice and leave the texture of my skin feeling amazing.  Now these aren’t going to completely change your skin forever but they will definitely make a difference.  The one thing that I try to tell people is that when it comes to skincare (and life in general) you have to be diligent and consistent if you want to see results and a complete change.  Adding this one product to my skincare regimen helped me to see a difference in my hyperpigmentation quicker than I normally do with my extensive skincare regimen but they won’t replace any of my current products.  However, because of my results and the look and feel of my skin after using these (and the price) I will definitely be adding this kit to my rotation.  Winning!

The only thing I have to warn you about is to be careful to not get this on your hairline, eye area, eyebrows or lips.  You don’t want to end up edgeless and browless! Also, when trying out new skincare masks do not use if you have any open sores, skin tears or severe peeling/irritation.  It will not end well!

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