If it Makes You Happy – My Approach to Beauty


When I was freelancing in Germany many of my clients would often ask me if something they were doing with their makeup was correct.  That was a tough question to answer because I can talk technique all day but is that all that is important?  For me it’s deeper so I would always offer my advice on technique but I would also remind them that makeup is about what they liked and what made them feel beautiful.  No one knows your face quite like you do and as a makeup artist I’m there to enhance any face that is put in front of me but only my clients know exactly what bothers them or what features they like to focus on.

Makeup by Sabrina Robinson for Shiny Happy Pretty

Most of us put on makeup because we like it and it’s fun.  We may even wear it because we are trying to enhance a feature or fix a perceived problem and that’s okay too.  For me I started wearing makeup because I always felt I looked young and of course when I was around 14-15 I thought I was grown so I wanted to look more grown-up.  Since then, I’ve developed a love and appreciation for the art of makeup and now it’s more about experimenting and having fun with makeup.  I love seeing how people use makeup in different ways and how it can be subtle and also completely trans-formative.  I also get lots of enjoyment seeing trends disappear and then reappear in new inventive ways.

Like most art, I see makeup as a way to make people feel something because expression is a beautiful thing.  So yes makeup is a craft and we want to take our craft seriously but don’t be afraid to have fun, don’t be afraid to experiment and don’t be afraid to look a little crazy!

What are some risks you have taken in the past with makeup?  Did you love or loathe the result?

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