How to Fake a Perfect Pout


Winter is so coming.  It’s getting rainy and cold which means my lips are more chapped than usual and for a lipstick addict like myself, that is unacceptable!  I’m certain I’m not the only one who experiences this craziness so I’m sharing my lip saving tips that help prevent and treat those dry cracky lips.

Easy Homemade Lip Scrub to Exfoliate the Lips

Step 1:  Exfoliate

Smooth out those lips by exfoliating.  I use a homemade lip scrub and I gently rub a little on my lips.  Then I follow that by using a warm damp towel to wipe the scrub away.


Step 2:  PrimeAffordable Lip Primer from MAC Cosmetics

After exfoliating, I go in with my lip primer (you can also use a lip balm if you like) and I leave it on while I apply makeup to the rest of my face.  After that, I gently blot off the excess lip product with a facial tissue.


Step 3:  Pick a ColorToo Faced Cosmetics Sweet Maple Lipstick swatch on Dark Skin

Now that the lips are looking smooth and moisturized instead of dry and cracky, it’s time to choose a color.  I typically go for a pinky nude when I’m in a rush and need to run errands.  I like this one with a little sheen because it looks natural but has some oomph!


Step 4:  Lose the Lip LinerThe Real Techniques Buffer Brush

Using my Powder brush and a little bit of  my face powder, I go around the outside of my mouth.  This helps my lipstick look neater after I’ve just slapped it on and I’ve also found that it helps in keeping my lipstick from bleeding outside of my natural lip line.


Extra step!How to Highlight the Cupids Bow

If you really want your lips to look great, add a little highlight to the cupids bow and the top lip line.  It will help define the lips without having to use lipliner.  A win for us!

I’ve spilled my favorite lip glow tactics so let me know if you try any of them or if you have some favorites that you already use!  I would love to know.



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