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Honey & Petals Skintanicals Woo and Black Unicorn


A couple of months ago, I purchaed two extremely dope products from Honey & Petals and now that I’m on my second batch I feel an obligation to let you’ll in on my new favorite body care line.  Not only do these products feel and smell amazing, I have had absolutely no issues with them irritating my dry/sensitive skin.  This is a celebratory moment for me because it’s summertime and I need that body glow!


Honey & Petals Skintanicals Plush Oil and Whipped Shea Butter in Woo


I purchased two scents of Plush Oil and the same two scents of the Whipped Shea Butter.  The first scent I purchased is called Black Unicorn and it is the perfect summer scent on me.  It’s masculine but still smells clean and has a slight citrus smell.  It’s what I wished all of my body scrubs smelled like.  I love it because it reminds me of that leftover scent that I get on my shirt after I hug my husband and  I personally love a bit of a masculine scent especially when I’m rocking my red lipstick.  The second scent that I purchased is Woo.  Woo is described as a Juicy, Plum/Berry and I agree.  It smells like sweetness and since I like to pair my fragrance with an experience, it would be the scent that I would wear on a romantic date with my husband.  It’s very wine vineyard appropriate.  Both the Plush Oil and the Whipped Shea Butter come in a variety of scents and I plan on giving them all a try because these have been nothing but amazing on my skin.


1 Honey & Petals Skintanicals Plush Oil and Whipped Shea Butter in Woo and Black Unicorn



Products Purchased:  Plush Oil (Black Unicorn & Woo)  & Whipped Shea Butter (Black Unicorn & Woo)

Price:  $13  – Plush Oil  (4 FL OZ)

$15 – Whipped Shea Butter (8 OZ)

Available at HONEY & PETALS

Final Thoughts:  When you have dry skin/sensitive skin on your body it can be very difficult to find products that won’t irritate your skin.  Issues with eczema and psoriasis make that hunt for the perfect product even harder.  Since I have all of the skin issues that I have mentioned, I often just deal with body products from a viewpoint of will this irritate my skin rather than a viewpoint of do I like the product, does it do what it says it is going to do or does it have a nice scent.  Now I have a product that checks all of my boxes.  I smell great.  My skin is moisturized.  I can layer the products (which I do after a shower) without feeling like a grease ball.

The customer service that I experienced from Honey & Petals has also been phenomenal and the shipping time is fast.  I received an order confirmation, a shipping confirmation, and a delivery confirmation and I went outside with my scarf on to collect my package immediately!  Like I stated previously, I’m on my second batch of both the Plush Oil and the Whipped Shea Butter and these have become staple products for me.  I will continue to re-purchase and support this amazing brand and you should as well!  These products truly feel luxurious on the skin and the price is extremely affordable.

*Do keep in mind that when you are wearing oils and butters they can stain silk and other fabrics.  However, I have currently had no issue with these products staining my bedding or my cotton shirts but because of my past experiences, I stay away from my silk shirts until my skin has taken in the product completely.

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