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You know I wouldn’t consider myself to be a haircare hoarder anymore.  I think I’ve really made progress because I used to buy new products all the time and have no idea why.  So now I am trying to create a slightly stricter budget and I have tried to purchase items that I know work for my hair and that are also cost effective for my budget.  Keep in mind, I don’t always stick to this rule, but I’m trying!

I recently looked at an old email of mine where I was telling a relative what I was using on my hair and I decided that I should try to go back to some of those products.  I really like that all these products seemed to work on my many hair types and also they are very affordable.

My absolute must have out of the entire bunch is the Eco Styler gel simply because I use it every day and it help my curls remain curly and fight the frizz.  It also gets my edges all the way together.

Random Hair Texture Shot

Random Hair Texture Shot


As you can see, my hair is pretty short but I’ve decided to grow it out and I think simplifying my products, and going back to what I used when I had longer hair, may help me out!


Curl Enhancing Smoothie

Product Price:  $9.99

Purchased From:  



Kukui Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

Product Price:  $7.99

Purchased From:  



Awapuhi Ginger

Product Price:  $7.99

Purchased From:  


Eco Styler Gel

Olive Oil and Krystal Formula

Product Price:  $3.29

Purchased From: Walgreens

Final Thoughts:  Since this isn’t a technical review and this isn’t an introductory purchase, you can probably tell that I really like/love these items.

What hair products are you loving lately?

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