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Finding a good salon/stylist is harder than finding a good man.  Seriously!  I was having a twitter discussion the other day about Black Hair Salons with Krissy from AddictedtoAllthingsPretty and Odara from Gimme that Glow.  We were discussing how horrible the customer experience can be in them and how people still deal with the nonsense anyway. 

Well I’m happy to say that I have a great salon and a great stylist!  My stylist is amazing and every time I get my hair done, I’m totally in love with my hair all over again. 

I go to the Honeycomb Hair Salon in Kaiserslautern Germany and it is fantastic.  I am totally in love with the experience that I get and the fact that I’m always in and out with flawless hair and service!  This has made my transition to healthy natural hair an absolute dream.  My goal this year is to get to bra strap length and maintain my healthy ends.  I really hope that happens! 

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