Get Your Blog On or Die Trying


So I’m out here really trying to blog and what not but this coding, blog design and transfer has me completely stressed out.  I know a lot of my readers also blog and I don’t often here about the struggles of blogging and how people work through them, so I thought I would just keep it all the way real and tell you’ll how I feel.

I really want the design and structure of this blog to be dope.  I really do.  Yo, I ain’t into design though.  I actually kinda suck at it.  I really just want to talk to you’ll and focus on content and spread my obsession with makeup around like Targaryens spread wildfire but unfortunately (and I guess fortunately), I want to make the blog pretty too.  I want you all to feel like I care because I truly do.  I want to create.  I want to talk makeup, skincare and life goals while spending money on blush so therefore, I’m really trying to make this blogging thing happen.

With that being said, please forgive me if the blog looks a little crazy from time to time because I don’t know how to clear my cache and edit my css.  I’m learning though so it should get better and I hope you guys stick around for the final draft.

I really wanted all my readers to know that I’m improving the website and we might get a little glitchy but I am going to make this blogging thing happen and new content is always on the way.


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