I’m Tired of the Nail Shop

Going to the nail shop should be a relaxing experience, and while it may be for most people, it isn’t for me. I don’t relax well with lots of people around, especially ones that I don’t know, so going to the salon often has me tapping my fingers trying to get out of there as soon as possible. The other drawback is the cost. Between myself and my high maintenance daughter, I spend way too much money every time I hit the checkout in any nail salon.

Money flying away when I’m trying to stay on budget and spending valuable time away from doing the things that I enjoy has led me to try to find more Do-It-Yourself options to save money and time.

The first option I tried was the at-home dipping powders. I purchased the Red Carpet Manicure Kit from Ulta, took it home and tested it on my nails. It was a mess. I tried several times, and I had a lumpy, clumpy, hot mess on my hands and my poor baby’s nails were tragic too. She was not impressed, and neither was I. This was way too much work for me, and I was not impressed with the results. I immediately removed the dip and took this kit back to Ulta. I’ll leave the dip to the professionals.



The next option I tried was the at-home gel nails with LED light. I tried the cheapest option that I could find. This $50 kit was it for me, but as soon as I got it open, I quickly realized the lamp was too small and would not work for my needs. Back to the store, I went for the larger version and so far so good! This larger version did the trick. It’s portable, plugs in and dries my nails as quickly as the ones they use at my nail salon.



My manicure lasted a week with this method, and I used the color 886 Suited For Me from Red Carpet LED Nail Gel Polish.

Not my best manicure but not my worst!


Salon Pro LED Light

Price: $99 USD

Available at ULTA

Final Thoughts:

For my needs, this is perfect even though the color only lasted a week before two of my nails peeled. However, I was able to fix the nails that were messed up in less than 5 minutes and be back in business. I didn’t have to worry about spending extra time in the salon and waiting in line. The only downside is the fact that I’ve been having a hard time finding all of my favorite colors and my favorite brands in gel form.

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