E’TAE Natural Products – Carmelux Shampoo and Conditioner

So basically, as you probably already know, I’m a product junkie.  Yes, I admit it.  Either I’m buying products, trading products, hoarding products or inspiring gifts from friends and family.  I have so much hair and makeup stuff that goes untouched or unused so I’m trying to get through some products so that I can actually see if they work.  This is great for my blogging mojo as it gives me something to talk about besides the same old newness buys that I never touch because I’m always looking for the next thing.  Well now that I’ve gotten that randomness off of my chest, let me get to the point.  I recently received these two products from a friend and I have been using them for about 3 weeks now.  Three whole weeks!  YES!  Now since hair is so subjective and I am not an expert, I won’t be doing a full on in-depth review on these products.  However, I will give you my honest opinion and tell you how they have been working for me personally.


E’TAE Natural Products
Carmelux – Deep Penetrating Treatment Shampoo
$19.99 USD – 12 oz.
Available at E’TAE

E’TAE Natural Products

Product Details from the company website:
– Made with milk and egg protein, flaxseed oil and ginger root.
– Provides nourishment, healing and moisture to the scalp and hair strands while cleansing.
– Sulfate-free
– Naturally silkens and softens the hair for long-lasting shine, volume and body.

My Thoughts:  I like this product a lot.  My hair felt really clean after using it, like squeaky clean.  It doesn’t have sulfates, so I was missing my super lather moments (just being honest) but it seemed to remove all residue from my hair.  My hair did feel a bit dry after using it but that all went away when I put the Conditioner on.

Carmelux – Silk Protein Conditioner
$19.99 USD – 12 oz.
Available at E’TAE

Product Details from the company website:
– Enriched with lavender, bergamot and silk proteins.
– Protects wet hair strands.
– Locks in moisture to maintain softness and shine.

MY THOUGHTS:  I love this conditioner.  It really does leave my hair feeling soft and shiny and even the coarser parts of my hair are very easy to comb through and detangle without ripping at my hair.

Since I use both products together, I cannot speak to their performances individually but as a duo, they work really well on my hair and I will continue to use them until I run out.  I will definitely put these on the repurchase list as well.

Have you tried E’tae products?  If so, let me know your thoughts on them!

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