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This is not a review, I repeat this is not a review!  It’s simply a sneak peak at one of my new playthings!

I love the creativity of makeup artists and one of the many that I admire is Megan Martinez.  She is amazingly talented and I believe she is also self-taught.  She recently launched a collection of highlighters.  These highlighters are all hand pressed and they currently come in a set of 6.   The shades are as follows:

Striking – Silver
Shrinkle – Blue
Mynxii – Pink
Electric – White
Fawn – Bronze
Vie En Rose – Bridal

The set retails for $55.   I ordered them online and my order was processed really quickly and I got them in a decent amount of time (around 3 weeks which is fine considering I’m in Germany).   However, I didn’t read the description of the highlighters so I was expecting them to be larger but they are actually quarter sized/about the size of a MAC eyeshadow.   Also, each pan is encased in a small plastic container with a snap top and is secured with a small piece of what looks to be cotton.  All of the pans arrived in perfect condition and nothing was cracked or spilling.

At this time, I’ve only tried Fawn on myself and I loved it, however, I have to play with application techniques and try these on some of my clients to really give honest feedback but I will be purchasing the new colors that she is launching and I’m definitely happy with my purchase so far!

Available at Chaos Makeup

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