There is no excuse for me being a lazy a** blogger so I’m working on not being one anymore. Like for real I’ve hella missed blogging and talking makeup with you’ll4! During the past several months I’ve been completely zoned out and focused on other aspects of my life and I’m trying daily to find a balance between doing what I love and hanging out with the people I love.  In order for that to happen though, I have to be myself and to have fun with this blogging thing. So now I’m going to tell you guys the truth about my absence and again, this is not an excuse, it just is what it is.

Top 5 reasons I’ve been MIA!

1.  It was hella aggravating moving.  Like a complete miserable experience except for the fact that I got to come back to America.
2.  My hair fell out and now I’m insecure about taking makeup pictures unless my hair is straight and I’m trying not to straighten my hair that often in hopes that this ish will grow!
3.  I’m trying to get to know Jesus in real life everyday so my husband and I are re-reading the Bible.
4.  My kids are hilarious and sometimes I just like rolling around on the floor with them.
5.  I’m trying to actually decorate this new house instead of just chillin’ like I’ve done in the other houses!

With that being said, now I need some inspiration and feedback!  What do you guys want to see from me?  Let me know in the comments section and yes, I will reply!  Also, since I’ve been gone from the blogging community for a while, if you have a blog or tumblr, leave it in the comments so I can check those out too.

And I’m out!

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