Ben Nye Luxury Powders – 9 Shades Swatched


With this new website update and my renewed blogging enthusiasm in action, I’ve decided to revisit and update one of the popular posts from my previous site.  Today I wanted to get into the Ben Nye Powders because they are a staple in a lot of makeup artist’s kits and a lot of makeup enthusiasts swear by it as well.  I personally use these powders to control oil and set foundation and concealers.


Ben Nye Luxury Powder Cameo, Chestnut, Buff, Beige Suede, Banana


The first set of powders, shown above, include Luxury Powders and a Translucent Powder.  The most popular shade out of these is  Banana because it was said to be a favorite of a famous celebrity makeup artist.


Ben Nye Luxury Powders Dark Cocoa, Nutmeg, Dolce, Olive Sand


This second set of powders, shown above, feature some of the Mojave Luxury Powders.  These are specifically geared towards women of color and there are additional shade options available online for purchase.


Products Purchased:

Luxury Powders (Buff, Cameo, Beige Suede and Banana)

Translucent Powder (Chestnut)

Mojave Powders (Dolce, Olive Sand, Nutmeg and Dark Cocoa)


Luxury Powder Description:

Ben Nye’s Bella Luxury Powders give you more than enough reason to go bananas for these silky-fine, mattifying translucent setting powders! With just a hint of color, you won’t miss the white cast in your photos that often comes with other finishing powders…..

Translucent Powder Description:

Ben Nye’s Classic Translucent Face powder sets creme makeup for a durable, soft matte finish! Find your match in 9 shades ranging from fair to cool, to the rich, deep brown! Neutral Set Translucent Powder is a colorless powder that blends with all skin tones without diminishing the natural glow of your complexion. The special formula also controls perspiration…..

Mojave Luxury Powder Description:

Finally, a setting powder that’s as rich and warm as your skintone! Specially created for olive and brown-toned complexions, Ben Nye’s Mojave Luxury Powders are gently tinted to enhance your natural glow, not wash it out! Velvety to the touch, this lightweight powder softens the look of fine lines and pores as well as absorbs excess oil to keep your skin looking fresh and flawless all day long….

Find full product descriptions and ingredient listings at Camera Ready Cosmetics

Price: $12 – $20 (comes in a variety of sizes)

Purchased From: Camera Ready Cosmetics

Ben Nye Powders Swatch Buff Cameo

Buff and Cameo


Ben Nye Powders Beige Suede Banana

Beige Suede and Banana


Ben Nye Powder Chestnut




Ben Nye Powder Dolce Olive Sand

Dolce and Olive Sand

Ben Nye Powders Nutmeg Dark Cocoa

Nutmeg and Dark Cocoa

Final Thoughts:  I highly recommend these powders and they are definitely a makeup favorite.  I love these powders especially for my around the nose area and for setting cream concealers.  These powders are affordable and come in a vast amount of shades.  There are several additional shades available on the website but with these 9, I’ve found that I’ve been able to work with most skin tones.

Also, keep in mind that the swatches had to be very heavy handed to get the shades to show up because these are really sheer on the skin.


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