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Bask and Bloom Essentials Review


You know a product is winning when after trying it you immediately go online to see what other products they have so you can spend the rest of your budget on them.  Like you’ll for real, I tried the Rhassoul & Bentonite Clay Shampoo bar as a facial cleansing bar and I was like where is my phone, I  need more of this product.  Looking at my skin like “Yo, is this velvet?”  I mean it cleansed without stripping my skin and left it feeling smooth and looking clean and clear.  I was very impressed and that made me extremely excited to try the rest of my items.  Thankfully the company sent me over both hair and skin products to try out and obsess over!


Bask and Bloom Essentials Hair Masque Shampoo Bar Moisture Cream


For the hair, I received 3 products that included the Rhassoul & Bentonite Clay Shampoo Bar, the More Moisture Cream and the Brahmi Root Hair Masque and I seriously love all of them but that Moisture Cream is yes status!  Just give me all the jars.  The moisture retention is insane and it works great on both my hair and my daughter’s hair.  It smells amazing and it doesn’t weigh my hair down.  I love that it also pairs well with all of my different styling creams and doesn’t leave a residue.  I’ll have a quick overview of the other two products in my final thoughts section but if I had to choose one product that is a must-have from these three, it is definitely the Moisture Cream.


Bask nd Bloom Essentials Balancing Toner Rose Purifying Mask Vibrant Radiance Face Cream


On the skincare side, I received the Balancing Toner, the Rose Purifying Mask, and the Vibrant Radiance Cream and I really liked all three products and I think that they are all great additions to my skincare regimen but that Face Cream though, girl and boys, you need it!  It is amazing.  I’m not even playing with you’ll, you need to go ahead and get the Face Cream while it’s only $8-$14 because this is permanent repurchase status for me.  Makeup lovers and artists, it is amazing underneath makeup too.


Bask & Bloom Essentials

Bask & Bloom Essentials

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Final Thoughts:


Brahmi Root Hair Masque  

$16 – $24 (12-16oz)

SHP Approved!  This deep treatment cream strengthens, conditions and moisturizes the hair.  I love the feeling that my hair has after using this deep treatment mask and since I’m not a DIYer quite yet, this is perfect for me because I don’t need to add a bunch of other concoctions to make it work for me.  This product also smells amazing and I know products are always saying that a little goes a long way but in this case the claims are true.  Great, affordable product that works.

More Moisture Cream

$14 – $22 (8-16oz)

I primarily use this product as a leave-in because I didn’t find that I got enough definition when I used it as a styling aid but as a moisturizer and leave-in it’s the truth. This is the moisture cream that you need to add to your regimen.  It moisturizes and is perfect for those who don’t want to moisturize their hair every day but still want it to look shiny and nourished.  The shine your hair gets and maintains is so nice that I didn’t have to add an additional shine mist or serum to my twist outs and braid outs.  It doesn’t leave a residue and it doesn’t weigh the hair down at all.  This is my favorite product of the three I received and it’s the one that I use most often.

Rhassoul & Bentonite Clay Shampoo Bar

$7 (4.5 & 5 oz)

Clean hair is my thing.  I know that a lot of naturals are against shampoo but I’m not one of them.  I’m about finding products that truly cleanse the hair but that don’t damage or strip the hair either and this shampoo bar does that. I love to use this when I’ve overloaded my hair with products and need to get back to basics. This bar is really great for that but I prefer it as a facial bar. When I tell you that this baby is amazing to use on the skin, it is.  I love what it has done for my face and how clean and smooth my skin looks after using it.  I will definitely be adding this one to my re-purchase list as it’s a must have for me.  It clarifies and detoxifies the skin leaving behind a nice healthy glow that I want, need and deserve.



Balancing Toner

$16 (4oz)

Now I’ve raved about the products so far and this one is nice too but it isn’t going to be a wow product because it’s simple.  It refreshes and calms the face after cleansing.  I like it and it works but it’s not a must-have for me and I often forget that it has to be shaken before use each time so I end up wasting product.

Rose Purifying Mask

$15 – $22 (2-4oz)

Love it.  Wish it came with a tiny spoon so I would know how much to scoop out though.  This mask is in powder form and you need to add liquid to it in order to form a paste.  Once the paste is formed, you apply it to your face and let it dry.  Once dried, you cleanse your face with warm water and reveal glowy skin.  I’m obsessed with masks and this has been added to my rotation and has become a favorite.  As stated before, I wish it came with a little spoon or measuring tool/mixing cup so that I could mix it with less mess but other than that the product is dope.

Vibrant Radiance Face Cream

$8 – $14 (2-6oz)

Favorite, favorite, favorite of the bunch.  Why is this not on everyone’s favorite’s list?  Where has this product been all my life?  Why does my makeup look so dope?  Why don’t I need a primer?  Is this sold by the gallon?  I need to add this to my kit right now!  This is my thought process after using this product consistently for several weeks.  I mean it’s gorgeous.  You need very little and it is creamy without being too heavy.  It is slightly tacky to the touch without being sticky or peeling.  It leaves the skin moisturized without being greasy.  If you get one product, get this one.  I absolutely love it and it has replaced my Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer and is now my favorite.

So after all that I have to say that I am truly impressed with this brand.  The products work, they smell amazing and are incredibly affordable for the amount of product that you get and the quality of the product.  They also don’t use synthetic fragrances, the products are paraben and sulfate free and don’t contain any petrolatum, formaldehyde or mineral oil.  They also don’t test on animals. I definitely think that you should give this brand a try and my experience with the brand and the brand’s owner has been amazing so I will definitely be adding more Bask & Bloom products to my life.


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