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This natural hair life isn’t always easy, so when I find a product that works on both my hair and my daughter’s hair, I have to rave about it just a little bit. Typically I have to style both of our hair almost daily, but with this product line, the definition stays for several days giving me a little leeway to do other things like hang out with her and tickle fight.

As I Am

Products Purchased:

Leave-In Conditioner $9.29

Twist Defining Cream $10.49

CocoShea Whip $14.00

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Final Thoughts:

I just recently started hoarding hair products again so I wasn’t at all familiar with this line but I ran out of my curling cream and I took a leap of faith and picked up a few of their products while at my favorite place, Target. I have been using the products on my daughter’s hair and my own hair for about a month or so and I am very impressed. I’ve used all three products on both wet and dry hair, and I have zero complaints. My hair is always bouncy, moisturized, defined, shiny and touchable. There is no weird flaking or residue, and I even use it to smooth down my edges. I highly recommend these products, and I have already repurchased them all.

This is a dry twist out that I did on my daughter’s hair for ballet, and she loved it because the shrinkage wasn’t so substantial and she loved the curls it gave her.

This is the result of a wet flat twist out that I did and let dry overnight. See that shine and definition! This style also lasted me for 3-4 days, and if you know my hair and the way I sleep, that is a miracle.


On clean hair I start with the Leave-in, then twist with the Twist Defining Cream, I wait for the hair to dry completely and then I use a little of the Cocoa-Shea Whip on my hands while I take down the twists! I have also used the CocoaShea Whip in place of the Twist Defining Cream and while it did not give me the exact same definition, it was pretty close. I also use both of those products to lay down my edges and then I tie my scarf over it for a few minutes and those edges stay together!

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Let me know what your favorite hair brand is for you and even for your mini-me if you have one! I have fallen in love with this brand, but I’m always on the lookout for things to try!

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