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Face Boss Skincare


I love a great sale and a few months ago I was browsing through the items on Hautelook (affiliate link), which is one of my favorite spots for deals, and I saw this amazing looking skincare brand called FACEBOSS.  Although I had never before heard of the brand, the discount was impressive so I just added a few items to my shopping cart and checked out.  I ended up paying about $85 for 5 items which I consider a really good price for skincare.  Later on, the company also contacted me and gifted me three additional items which was incredibly nice of them to do and now I have almost the entire line in my collection!


FaceBoss Skincare

Brand Description as seen on the FACEBOSS website

“FACEBOSS™ The Boss of Your Face© was developed by Swedish duo, Jurgen and Elsa Christiansen.

With their focus on community and a deep love of organic farming, including self-sustaining hydroponic gardening during below-freezing Swedish winters, as well as harvesting and distilling their own essential oils using multi-generational, vintage vapor-evaporation equipment, Elsa and Jurgen consider themselves non-conventional reclaimants. They’re always in search of simple, clean and natural ways to be healthy.”



Products Purchased:

OHM 20% Vitamin-C Serum (1 fl oz) – $200

Vacuum Age-Disrupting Charcoal Cleanser (4 fl oz) – $78

Total Pigment Reboot Lightening Cream (1 fl oz) – $84

That Rested Look Serum (1 fl oz) – $92


Products Gifted:

Full Revamp Mode Niacinamide Serum (1 fl oz) –  $112

Line Bully Eye Creme (.5 fl oz) – $88

Shine Delete Guru Matte Moisturizer (1 fl oz) – $80

Available at Faceboss


All prices listed are the SRP from the FACEBOSS WEBSITE, however, they are currently adding products to AMAZON at an extremely discounted price point.

Discounted Prices for the following items can now be found on AMAZON

OHM: $18.95 Link

Shine Delete Guru Set of 2:  $14.95 Link


Final Thoughts: Please keep in mind this isn’t a full review, this is a brand impression and overview so with that being said I won’t go into each product individually.

Do the products work?  Well, my quick answer would be yes, however, the products SRP is over-priced when compared to other products with the same or similar ingredient lists.  If you google the ingredient list on most of the products, you will see the same ingredients in the same order being sold elsewhere for a much lower price.  Now with that being said, I have nothing against the products themselves and they were quite good, but I had to let you’ll know what the truth is.

My favorite products out of the line-up are the Charcoal Cleanser, the Shine Delete Guru, the Line Bully Eye Cream and the OHM Vitamin-C Serum.  When using the product line, I did notice a difference in my overall skin texture and appearance.  My skin was smoother, I had no breakouts and my hyperpigmentation lightened up slightly (very slightly).  The products lightened up my acne scarring better than they did my hyperpigmentation though which seems to be a consistent theme with my skincare choices.  These products were also very good for my skin prep prior to makeup application and my makeup wore well over them and appeared nice and smooth.  If all of the prices were more affordable, I would be more inclined to recommend these products (especially the eye creme and the cleanser) and the product line but I have tried better products at lower prices, therefore I can only say, if you want to pay for it, go ahead but I would save my coins and purchase a more affordable option or pick up some of the lower priced items on Amazon when there is a massive sale.

Let me know if you have heard of this brand or if you picked up any items from the Hautelook sale.

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