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Gotta keep that dust off of our brushes!

Target Simple Brush Storage Solution

Do you know how it feels to wash hundreds of brushes, wait for them to dry and then store them only to realize a day later that somehow a piece of dust or lint has made its way onto your beloved 217?  Okay maybe that just happens to me, but dust and dirt are in the air and I need them to stay off of my brushes.  My go-to place for storage items is Target and I feel like they can really just assign me a parking space because I’m in there so much.  A few weeks ago, I was looking for something to store my personal makeup brushes in a neat way and I found these cute little cubes and fell in love.

Target - Simple Brush Storage


Canister with Turquoise Lid

Price: $5.99 for the Medium Canister; $18.99 for the 3 piece set

Available at Target

Final Thoughts:  These are cheap, cute and stackable.  Currently, there are 3 size options available (the small and medium sizes are pictured above).  The small size is great for storing beauty blenders and kabuki brushes, the medium size is great for foundation and small blending brushes and I use the large size for storing extra large powder brushes.  I love that they stack which means they take up less space.  These are a great option if you need something to store your brushes and keep them clean until you decided to use them.

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