Hi, I’m Sabrina!  I’m a military wife (go USAF), an overprotective, hovering mother and introverted friend who watches Game of Thrones marathons and steals comic books from my husband! I write all of my beauty musings here on my blog and I also work as an Account Executive for a Luxury Skincare Brand (THALGO).  I have a boring little Bachelor’s Degree in Economics that I almost never use and I’ve worked in the corporate beauty world for years.  If that isn’t enough about me, please know that I also love to make up faces and you might catch me on the weekend with a blending brush in my hand and a bride in my makeup chair!

** Sabrina Robinson is the creative mind behind Shiny Happy Pretty, a beauty and lifestyle blog and is a professional makeup artist living in Virginia.

widget_custom_image_4_1451837794(pp_w200_h200)Welcome to Shiny Happy Pretty!

SHP is a beauty blog where I feature my most loved products and I also divulge all of my tips and tricks.  I love to share everything that I have learned over the years.  I also love to make everything relate-able and wearable for everyday life.  I want my beauty newbies out there to feel like they can play around with makeup and feel comfortable and confident.  I want to tell you’ll about that must have blush, that hair product that changed my life and those cute shoes that won’t make your feet hurt while toting the kids to their activities.  I want to help you achieve that easy glamour.  I want you to try a new lipstick and rock the hell out of it without fear!  I’m here to have fun and share it with all of you and I also want you to share with me!  Tell me your beauty secrets, favorite products and mommy how-to’s, I love hearing and reading them.