6 Products You Need Now – December 2015 Edition

Can you believe that November is gone?  The year has really flown by and I’m still trying to catch up.  During this time of the year, most of us like to scale back on our makeup routine so that we can focus on other things, like eating all those hearty meals and decorating the house for the holidays.  Maybe that’s just me but if you’re of a similar mindset (who doesn’t want more time to eat and decorate) then you will definitely enjoy and benefit from some of my favorite products!


Bobbi Brown Bronze Glow and Nars Illuminator in Laguna

Bobbi Brown

Highlighting Powder

Shade:  Bronze Glow

Price:  $46 each

Available at Sephora

Get glowing.  Even if you choose not to wear foundation this product placed on the cupids bow and cheekbone areas will really liven up the face and create this glow that makes you look youthful and refreshed.  Also, because it is so pigmented, you need very little to highlight your face with which means this product will last you for a very long time.



Shade: Laguna

Price: $30 each

Available at Sephora

This product is also meant to get you glowing!  This is more subtle than the Bobbi Brown Highlighter and really gives off that lit from within vibe that I love.  The Illuminator also blends well over and under foundation.  You can also mix it in with your foundation for a nice all over glow that will leave your skin looking radiant.

Both the Highlighter and Illuminator come in different shades, so you can grab the one that suits your skin tone.

Clarisonic Mia 2 and Kate Somerville Gentle Daily Wash


Mia 2

Shade: Sea Breeze

Price: $149 each

Available at Sephora

This little gadget makes sure that the face is extra clean.  Clean faces always make a great base and because this gets rid of all of that build up, it has definitely helped in the appearance of my skin.  Also, the new charger makes it so easy to charge and it takes up very little space. The charge also lasts for several weeks so you don’t have to worry about constantly charging it, I wish I could say the same thing about my iPhone.

Kate Somerville

Gentle Daily Wash

Price:  $34 each for 4oz size

Available at Sephora

This is one cleanser that would be even better in the summer.  I find that it gives me a really clean base and leave my skin feeling fresh and clean.  If you have dry skin, it can leave you feeling a little tight and you may have some dry patches.  To combat this, I have found that going in immediately with your additional skincare products make the skin looks and feels amazing and the patches disappear immediately.  So just make sure you at least moisturize and apply sunscreen after using this product.  The Gentle Cleanser used in conjunction with the Clarisonic is also helping alleviate my few remaining forehead bumps which have been a struggle of mine for the past several months.

L A Girl PRO Conceal Concealer in Toffee and Ardell Demi Wispie

L.A. Girl

Pro Conceal HD Concealer

Shade: Toffee

Price:  $2.99 each

Available at Walgreens

I previously reviewed this concealer here and it still remains one of my favorites. The price point and the shade range are both amazing and the product itself performs so well!  It covers, it blends and if you just have a few spots here and there you can cover those up and still look very natural.  I have several shades of this concealer both for personal and professional use and it has never let me down.


Demi Wispies

Price:  $14.68 for 2 packs of 4 Lashes

Available at Amazon

Lashes really enhance a look.   After a little bit of practice, they are so easy to apply and  wearing them makes it look like you actually put forth some effort even if all you did was dance around to Beyonce while the lash glue got tacky.  These Demi Wispies are very light weight and they blend in so well with natural lashes.  These are really perfect for daily wear and they are great for beginners who want a natural look.

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Those are some items that I loved last month and they have helped to cut my morning routine down quite a bit! I love anything that helps me look pulled together even when I’m super tired from trying to be a supermom.  Have you come across any products lately that have made getting ready easier?


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