3 Ways Red Lipstick Changed My Life

Red Lipstick.  Real Life.

How Red Lipstick Changed My Life

Recently I worked with Jennifer over at Spiced Beauty on her Valentine’s day series which features Women of Color in Red or Pink lipstick (go check it out) and I began to think about how Red Lipstick changed the game for me and if you’re new to the red lipstick game, it may change the game for you too!

  1.  Confidence is cool.  Like really cool.  So get you some.  I feel like Red Lipstick forced me to be really confident because when I started rocking it, a lot of people in my family were like wait what, Nah girl.  Now I probably didn’t have the right shade for my skin tone but I rocked it anyway because I liked it and I was like yeah girl, I’m dope.
  2. Grown Up Glamour.  I’ve always looked at old Hollywood glamor as the epitome of glamor and one of my favorite actresses is Dorothy Dandridge.  She’s just gorgeous and exudes that glamor and when I think of red lipstick, it makes me think of that old Hollywood glamor.  I always feel a little bit sexier and like a real-life grownup when I rock a red lip.
  3. Signature Looks sells tickets, honey.  When I was new to Germany I, of course, had no clients.  NONE!  And I’m an introvert so I don’t typically do the business card handouts but whenever I wore my signature red lipstick look, without fail someone would compliment me which opened the door for me to feel comfortable introducing myself and then telling them that I’m a makeup artist.  This red lipstick is a clientele builder/ice breaker for sure.

And although it may seem superficial to some, red lipstick is winning in life over here!   To check out some of my favorite reds, don’t forget to check out Jennifer’s Post!

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